Okeanos is a consultancy organisation specialised in offshore energy projects. These projects relate to the offshore Oil & Gas Industry and also to the emerging offshore Wind Energy Industry.

Okeanos, established since 1998, has experienced individuals available with specialised know-how, particularly in the offshore Oil & Gas Industry.

 Okeanos’ involvement in the projects has included the provision of technical consultancy to:

  • Financial institutions for corporate & project financing of offshore oil & gas developments;
  • Oil companies for offshore field development projects;
  • Vessel owners for ship management;
  • Expert witness on court / arbitration cases;
  • Peer review in various phases of projects;
  • Financiers and contractors in the Wind Energy Industry;

and, under the banner of PlatformBrokers / PB Consultants, an associated company:

  • Detailed involvement in offshore decommissioning projects;
  • Marketing Oil and Gas platforms for re-use;
  • Marketing major components for re-use;
  • Multimedia advertising campaigns for re-use.

The activities undertaken by Okeanos are usually of a short duration with in-depth review of the relevant project elements and when required, regular monitoring of progress and budget for the duration of the construction phase.

On board surveys are undertaken to assess present condition and progress on modification works. High level review with detailed snapshots of the work performed by the contractor and identifying risks to the financiers is a speciality developed over the years.

Development of contract strategies and assessment of project management teams is undertaken jointly with clients. Work is usually executed in-house with data gathering missions to the relevant work sites. Meetings take place at convenient locations in clients offices, bank or law firm offices or at airports world-wide.